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30 Day Calm Canine Challenge

Come and learn how to teach your dog to be calm in your home, through easy to follow daily training games.

So no more being barked at while you eat dinner, no more stealing for attention, no more splatting the cats or chasing the kids, no more chewing the furniture, no more biting your feet as you walk, no more anxiety when left, no more jumping up, no more barking at everything out the window....


  • Boundary training

  • Settle cue

  • Impulse control

  • Counter surfing

  • Jumping

  • Doorway manners

  • Behaviour around visitors

  • Barking at sounds

  • Food manners

  • Stealing

  • Out of sight training

  • Distraction proofing and more!

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28 Day Nosework Challenge

Learn how to channel the power of your dog's nose! Perfect for puppies and adult dogs, especially if your dog is over excitable, hyperactive, struggles to settle, is nervous or has reactivity issues!

Building your dogs seach skills from complete novice


  • Teaching your dog to find a target odour (Kong)

  • Building a solid indication

  • Reduction in scent size

  • Teaching search skills

  • Searching bags, chairs, cars & novel areas

  • Out of reach searches

  • Searching for a contained scent

  • Underwater searches

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Puppy to Pro Challenge

The perfect place to start with your 8 week old puppy!  

See how we train our own 8 week old puppy right from day 1!

Here we cover core skills that build confidence, increase body awareness, grow engagement skills, improve relationship, teach play skills, boost motivation for food, & teach our young puppies HOW to learn and the ENJOY learning! 

The best way to start building a socialisation plan before vaccinations, to build a rock solid relationship with your puppy, and learn how to progress each exercise as your puppy grows!

Alongside this, you'll be able to access our Puppy Diaries, where we give you a puppy shopping list, tips on toilet training, biting, jumping, stealing, barking, separation, crate training, household management and more!

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Xmas Challenge

We delivered 24 days of fun training games, which covered fun tricks, assistance dog tasks, co-operative care exercise and more!


  • Open and close doors

  • Turn on lights

  • Fetch the keys

  • Put toys away

  • Ring a bell

  • Wipe paws

  • Scratch a scratch pad for claw filing

  • Middle & middle walking

  • Leg weave

  • Body awareness exercises

  • Bucket game

  • Lie flat / play dead

  • Say your prayers

  • and more!

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