30 Day Calm Canine Challenge

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The 30 Day Calm Canine Challenge starts on the 1st March


This is exclusive to our Online Academy VIP CLUB, so when you sign up, you'll also benefit from the VIP content!

We welcome you to join other dog owners from around the world on this 1 month Calm Canine challenge!

Come and learn how to teach your dog to be calm in your home, through easy to follow daily training games.

So no more being barked at while you eat dinner, no more stealing for attention, no more splatting the cats or chasing the kids, no more chewing the furniture, no more biting your feet as you walk, no more anxiety when left, no more jumping up, no more barking at everything out the window.... come join us!

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How it works:

The Calm Canine Challenge is being posted directly into our Online Academy VIP CLUB where you'll:

- Watch daily step by step video tutorials

- Playback the videos at a time to suit you!

- See how we progress the training right from the start

- Train alongside us with LIVE our own novice dog

- Weekly Live training demos for troubleshooting

- Submit your videos for expert feedback

- Ask questions on the weekly Live Q&A ZOOM chats

So what will we cover?

🐶 Boundary training - teaching your dog to LOVE their bed

🐶 Settle - teaching your dog to settle on CUE

🐶 Distractions - teaching your dog to ignore the doorbell, visitors, cats or kids

🐶 Manners - teaching your dog to ask for things with manners, not demanding

🐶 Separation - how to prevent separation anxiety

🐶 Impulse control - not everything needs to be chased, stolen or snatched

🐶 Set up for success - less rehearsal of unwanted behaviours

🐶 Enrichment - Ensuring your dogs core needs are met

🐶 Surviving Adolescence - LIVE Webinar 

All of our training methods are positive and reward based. 

To join, all you need to do is sign up to our Online Academy VIP CLUB! 

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