Training: basic level of training indoors such as sit, down, and leave. As well as basic introduction to toilet training, crate training and chew training. The main focus in the first 2 weeks is positive socialisation and habituation.

Socialisation: your puppy will come with us on day trips in our arms to habituate to different environments, meet strangers, children, other dogs, cats, animals, traffic, shops etc.


​​​When you collect your puppy

You will have no problems bonding with your new puppy, as we will teach you how to communicate, train and play with your puppy, as well as how to enjoy stress free walks, and stress free time in the home.  

You will receive full owner training:

  • ​​2 x 2 hour owner training lessons, plus additional if needed - teaching you the skills and knowledge to keep up the training for long term success
  • Coaching for the whole family, showing you how to introduce your puppy to the family and any existing pets
  • Comprehensive guidebook
  • Videos to give you a visual reminder of the training
  • A life time of free support from your trainer via phone calls, email or video analysis
  • 15% off any top up residential stay (once puppy has had 4 weeks training or more)

It's important to remember that the training we put in place isn't a quick fix. You'll need to be dedicated to keeping up with the training and seeking help when needed.  Your puppy's training will need to be heavily reinforced and practised for the first year.  Our training helps to fast track the training and give it a boost in the right direction.

With the puppy, you'll receive:

  • Breeders contract to sign, and breeders contact details
  • Kennel Club papers
  • Veterinary card with proof of vaccinations, microchipping and worming
  • A YouTube video of your puppy's training level
  • Equipment (optional): Collar, lead, harness, crate, bed, long line, house training lead, treat bag, treats, food, toys, bowls etc

Choose how much training your puppy has

​ We can also tailor your puppy's training to your specific needs

BRONZE - 2 Weeks - Socialisation 

Until you collect your puppy

Whilst you're waiting for your new puppy to arrive, we'll be sending you regular video and photo updates documenting his training journey.  You can come and meet your puppy at any point, and meet the breeder too if you like.  

Find & Train Service

Early selection, training, socialisation and owner education helps to keep puppies in their homes for life. We want to help owners to make better choices when sourcing & selecting a puppy to join their family.

Why we do this

Many dog owners start their journey at a disadvantage because they unknowingly purchase a puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy farm. They often start off with a poorly socialised puppy with challenging behavioural problems that they then have to learn to live with, or end up rehoming.  Many dogs end up in rehoming centres for preventable problems that started with the breeder.

Our aim is to help ensure all owners can benefit from a well bred, well socialised, well trained puppy that is a pleasure to own.  Getting the selection, training and socialisation right from the start will make a big difference to the outcome of your puppy's lifelong behaviour and temperament.

GOLD - 6 Weeks - Advanced Training 

Training: Advanced training level. Now your puppy is a little older, he'll be gaining more confidence and his vaccinations will be kicking in more for us to take him to more distracting places.  Now he can learn to respond to all of the Intermediate commands when he is around other dogs, out in town and in new environments.  This advanced level of training will give your puppy the absolute best start, with the most reliable level of training, making it easier for you to maintain.

Socialisation: With vaccinations completed, your puppy can start to experience the world more from the floor and go to even more places, meet more people and socialise with more dogs, children, cats and animals.

Leading Specialists of Residential Dog Training in the UK

Call 0203 105 5527, or Freephone 0800 222 9007 - Mon to Sat 10am to 9pm


SILVER - 3 to 4 Weeks - Intermediate Training

Training: Intermediate training level. Teaching all of the commands including down from a distance, emergency stop, send to bed, recall, walking on a lead, door manners, stay, impulse control, leave, settling in the house etc.

Socialisation: More time to get in those positive social experiences, introducing even more dogs, different children, different noises and more environments.

We match, source, select and train your perfect family pet.

  • We can help you discover which breed will be best matched to your family, based on temperament and energy requirements
  • We research and source a reputable Kennel Club breeder who fully health and temperament tests their dogs
  • We pick a puppy from the litter based on your needs & collect the puppy at 8 weeks  (you can choose & collect your own puppy if you like)
  • You sign the breeders contract and buy your puppy. He's all yours
  • We keep the puppy here for 2 to 6 weeks to receive full intensive training and socialisation
  • You receive full owner training and lifetime support, as well as support from the breeder
  • We also rescue puppies and adult dogs from rehoming centres and rehabilitate them for homing



£50 to start the search for your perfect puppy. This covers our time searching for litters. If you'd like us to visit the litter and choose a puppy, we charge our fuel costs (we can visit litters within 100 miles of Guildford

50% training deposit once you have paid the deposit on your puppy.

50% balance due when your puppy starts training.

You pay the breeder direct for your puppy at 8 weeks when he/she is collected from the breeder.

Search fee £50 (to cover time spent researching & contacting breeders)

Breeder meet & collect (optional) - 50p per mile for fuel

Puppy - £700 to £2,500 depending on breed

Equipment package: £250 - optional

Training - book 6 weeks and get £100 off per week

Junior Trainer: £600 per week

Senior Trainer: £700 per week

Advanced Senior: £800 per week

Please fill in the form below if you would be interested in signing up to our Find & Train service.