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What's included, prices & availability

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All of our residential stays include:

  • Home boarding indoors in a family environment (no kennels)
  • 2 to 4 hours of intensive 1-2-1 training every day 
  • Daily walks
  • Daily play & bonding sessions
  • Daily socialisation with other friendly dogs (if appropriate)
  • Daily household privileges to learn how to behave in the home
  • Comprehensive email update every Friday
  • Up to 10 photos posted to Facebook every Tuesday
  • Direct telephone access to your instructor
  • Direct trainer contact via Whatsapp Messenger - free calls & photos to your phone (subject to trainer)
  • A video of your dogs stay featured on YouTube (1 video per household)
  • A 2 hour handover lesson at the end of the stay for owner training 
  • A 2 hour follow up handover lesson within 14 days 
  • 8 weeks of free follow up training with your trainer (terms & conditions apply)
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • A video of the hand signals and commands
  • Unlimited email & telephone support from your trainer
  • Free video analysis of any training problems you film and send to us (no limit)
  • Lifetime, unlimited advice from Company Director's via email


​​Limited offer: £50 off per week on Junior bookings and £100 off per week for Senior bookings in Nov & Dec.

Offer ends 30th November.​

Stay with a Junior Instructor - £600 per weekincluding VAT

Stay with a Senior Instructor - £700 per week including VAT 

Stay with an Advanced Senior Instructor - £800 per week including VAT

50% deposit secures dates. Balance due day before arrival.  Payments by credit card accepted

Do you want to just book your dog in?

If you already know you want to make a booking, you can pay a deposit below for a 2, 3 or 4 week stay.

We'll then be in touch to advise on availability and secure a date for you.

Make sure you fill in the form above so that we have some info about you.

The deposit payment below is based on a 50% deposit on our lowest rate trainer (Junior) with a 3% paypal fee.  If a higher level trainer is selected when booking, then the balance payment will be adjusted.​  This is a non-refundable deposit.

Request a call back, email or make a booking

To request a call back, an email with more information or to book a stay, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

If you already know you want to book, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can contact us direct:

Email: info@adolescentdogs.com

Call: 0203 105 5527

Freephone: 0800 222 9007

Please note our calls are answered by one of our advanced trainers, so please leave a message if they are out training a dog.

Select length of stay

Availability - last spaces before Xmas ​​

​A * in front of a trainers name means they can only take dogs up to 20kg



 ​​​​​​*  Junior Katie in Guildford - from 24th Nov 

Advanced Senior Lyn in Worthing - from 24th Nov


XMAS - (£20 per day surcharge between 24th & 31st Dec)

​​​​* Advanced Senior Libby in Guildford - from 1st to 14th Dec
Senior Ola Kordas in Shrewsbury - From 4th Dec (xmas space available)
Advanced Senior Lila in Farnborough - between 1st to 23rd Dec

Advanced Senior Lyn in Worthing - from 1st Dec (xmas space)

​​​​​​* Junior Katie in Guildford - between 1st to 23rd Dec 

​​Senior Sam in Fleet - between 4th to 23rd Dec

​Advanced Junior Kati in Bolney - between 1st to 20th Dec

Senior Petra in Redhill - between 4th to 22nd Dec

Advanced Senior Emma in Twickenham - between 6th to 23rd Dec

Senior Jolene in Cambridge - between 6th to 23rd Dec

Senior Sarah in Guildford - from 22nd Dec (xmas space available)

Advanced Junior Naomi in Guildford - from 29th December

​Advanced Senior Natalie in Dorset - from 30th Dec


​​​​​Senior Ola Kordas in Shrewsbury - from 1st Jan

​Advanced Senior Natalie in Dorset - from 1st Jan

​* Advanced Senior Libby in Guildford - from 1st Jan

Advanced Senior Lila in Farnborough - from 1st Jan

​​​​​​* Junior Katie in Guildford - from 2nd Jan

Advanced Senior Emma in Twickenham - from 5th Jan
​​​​​​​Advanced Junior Naomi in Guildford - from 1st Jan

Senior Sarah in Guildford - from 3rd Jan

​​* Advanced Junior Andrea in Horsham - from 3rd Jan

​Senior Petra in Redhill - from 4th Jan

Advanced Senior Lyn in Worthing - from 7th Jan

Senior Jolene in Cambridge - from 9th Jan

Advanced Junior Kati in Bolney - from 8th Jan

​Advanced Senior Verity in Worthing - from 30th Jan (2 weeks only)

Advanced Senior Verity in Worthing - from 26th Feb

Please ask us for availability February and beyond. Taking bookings now for Summer 2018

Collection and drop off

We have a driver who can provide a collection service for 50p per mile each way.  Instructors can bring your dog home for 70p per mile each way, plus £50 for a home handover.​​

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