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Bekki Averill-Tomkins, BSc (Hons), ADIC/AJ

Senior Instructor, Hedge End, Southampton

Bekki is one of our Senior Instructors with over 5 years of training experience training residential training dogs to a high standard and has worked with assistance dogs; training dogs for diabetic alert and therapy dogs for people with anxiety and autism.  She also has 4 years experience volunteering at a local rescue centre, helping with the training and rehoming of rescue dogs.  Bekki specialises in working with nervous dogs and rescue dogs needing rehabilitation

Bekki offers training in a quiet family home, with a German Shepherd x Akita and cat of her own.  She has access to horses, as well as nieces and nephews for training purposes.  Her local training grounds include local woodland, town and the beach.

Bekki will be regularly attending courses and seminars with world renowned dog trainers and behaviourists to keep up to date with modern training methods

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

ADAC/AJ - Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Junior

BSc (Hons) Degree in Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation
BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management
Canine Psychology and Behaviour Qualification (OCN Level 3)
City and Guilds Level 2 Intermediate Grooming Qualification

Training Academy membership with Absolute Dogs

Bekki's Gallery

Recent 5 star review for Bekki

“A Fantastic Experience ” Written on: 03/03/2019 by Bostonmum

We sent our 2 Boston Terriers to one of the Advanced Junior Trainers for two weeks whilst we were abroad for a family wedding. We were initially a bit apprehensive as we had only left them with family before. All I can say is what a positive experience it has been for us all, we received regular updates, photos and videos of them both and they looked so happy, settled and loved lots of cuddles in their trainers home. They have returned to us having had lots of positive training and both are now much more confident in new situations, especially around people and dogs they don’t know. It has been fantastic to have regular contact with our trainer who has been able to help me with any training queries since the return of the dogs, it has been invaluable. I will definitely be using Adolescence Dogs Ltd again ( and hopefully the same trainer as our girls loved her!) and would highly recommend this service to others!

“Marvellous, fabulous trainer!!” Written on: 28/12/2018 by marley-bellepixiequaid

I have to say, not just sending Kyo, my 3 month old Labrador, to Adolescent Dog Ltd, but in particular sending him to Bekki Tomkins a senior Junior trainer...has been the most rewarding, incredible and mostly-miraculous escapade we could have ever done for him. Bekki not only travelled a fair distance to come and collect Kyo, but she was extremely understanding of my situation and where Kyo needed to be for his future trainer to become my assistance dog. Straight away Bekki made a great impression, she was friendly, smiling and straight away greeted Kyo which we loved. It really showed her passion for dogs and for working with adolescent Dogs and it soon became clear this was more than just a job for her. She was smartly dressed in the Adolescent Dogs uniform and had all the equipment she needed to travel back to Southampton with Kyo safely. I immediately felt more reassured that he was in good and well experienced hands. Once he got to Bekki’s house I was notified straight away that he was safe and how the car journey had been. A few hours later Bekki informed me of his progress settling in and I was so pleased by her expertise at handling Kyo’s anxieties I *hadn’t* mention I felt I could wait the 24 hours for a full update. True to her word, Bekki contacted me 24 hours later and she was happy to adjust the level of contact based on my disability and bond with Kyo. I don’t mean she was at the end of the phone, but it was ok for me to text throughout the day even though I didn’t always get immediate responses as stated in there handbook. I loved the fact Bekki was willing to adapt to my situation. She is the best of the best!
The next day, training began. Bekki had fantastic and innovative methods of training dogs whilst working alongside the Adolescent Dogs training methods too. Kyo had picked up and learned so much by week one I was thrilled! By week two Kyo had mastered most (if not all) of the commands we ticked we would like him to learn. He got to go to dog classes and meet other dogs so he became more and more sociable which is vital at a young dogs age. Kyo got to have so many wonderful experiences with Bekki, they went on long treks, to the beach, to garden centres...he got to explore all sorts of things to make him less anxious in busy places etc. I trusted Bekki’s judgement 100%. I knew, with her wealth of experience, she wouldn’t put him in a situation he couldn’t cope with and if he showed signs she would know exactly what to do. 
I have been so highly impressed by Bekki. She has been worth every single penny we spent and I find it hard to decipher how she is still classed as a ‘junior’!
On Tuesdays Adolescent Dogs would take photos Bekki had taken and put them on their Facebook page. I got to see some beautiful Tuesday photos from Bekki and every Friday you will receive a report on how your dog is doing in their training. Bekki’s first write up about Kyo was very professionally done as were week two and three, including lots of brilliant details about the outcome of each week and the plans for the next. 
The end goal for Kyo is that he will become my assistance dog as I am bed bound most of the time and I only want to out for Kyo the rest! So him and me had already formed really a strong bond and Bekki said it was fine to email etc as much as I liked but she could only reply sometimes (which I have touched upon above) I will say this- she was marvellous at replying. Every question and query I had, she got back to me on it the same day. Bekki didn’t once let us down via communication and she was outstanding in her knowledge of dogs and what we should be buying for his return. I don’t think I’ll ever meet another professional with such compassion and a love for the job she’s in. 
Bekki has been a real life saver for me, if that had been someone that only replied once every few days I don’t think I would have managed with him being away as much!
All in all, Bekki is a star in the making-I couldn’t be any happier with her. Thank you so much Bekki for providing us, but most of all Kyo, with such a fantastic start in his life.