Andrea Psotova

Advanced Junior Trainer Rudgwick, West Sussex

Andrea is one of our Advanced Junior Instructors and has been part of our team for 2 years.


She has over 4 years experience training dogs and has been teaching classes in Prague, giving her the opportunity to work with a variety of breeds and temperaments.  


Her own dog Connie has competed in the top level of obedience, achieving 3rd place and she specialises in competition tracking.


She is able to offer training in a family environment, with just 1 dog of her own who is trained to a phenomenal level.  She also has a young child (2 years old), so is able to provide training around children. Andrea only takes in 1 dog for training at any one time, so is able to offer a more personal and exclusive training service.

Andrea lives above her sisters Pub in a 4 bedroom home, so not only does she benefit from lots of space, she has daily access to a pub for training dogs to settle in public!


Andrea will be attending seminars and online courses with some of the most world renowned trainers and behaviourists to help with her continued professional development.

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Junior

  • Alex Wilson - 2 Day Tellington TTouch Seminar - 2019

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Sirius Dog Training Academy online

  • ​Dr. Ian Dunbar - Solution for common dog behaviour & training problems webinar 2018

  • Melanie Monteiro - Dog First Aid webinar

  • Julie Posluns - Polite puppy training webinar

  • Don Hodgson - Training for humans webinar

  • Coming up - Chirag Patel - Canine Body Language 

  • Forrest Micke - Heelers Toolbox webinar

  • Michael Ellis - The Power of training dogs with food webinar

Scroll through Andrea's video channel below to see the dog's she has trained